Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Full scenes from Watchmen

The hookers and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!" And I'll whisper "No."

I feel fear for the last time

And he is American.

I haven't had this much fun since Woodrow and Bernstein

Smartest man on the cinder

Tales of the Black Freighter trailer

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meep set me up!

KSK had some hilarious shots of Beaker in D.C. last month, my favorite being of him smoking crack with Marion Barry. Beaker's become surprisingly relevant lately, with his turn as an opera star and his cruising Chocolate City.

Vinny Cerrato: Renaissance Man

Earlier this week, the Bog posted a video of Vinny Cerrato playing a hard boiled cop in a jean jacket.

Steinberg followed up with some screenshots and a link to the article that originally uncovered Cerrato's B-movie start, from the Washington City Paper. That writer uncovered the clip when looking into criticism from the Washington Post's ombudsman that Jason La Canfora's contest to come up with a nickname for the Washington Redskins that was "Cerrato-tinged." Apparently Cerrato and John Salamone of the National Italian American Foundation were outraged by some team names they perceived as offensive to Italians.

"Nickname suggestions such as Vinny the Chin, Vinny the Bull, Underboss, and others reinforce a negative and harmful stereotype of Italian Americans." Salamone said events kept him from writing promptly but he later sent his note to an e-mail list of foundation supporters.

Cerrato said, "I was disappointed. To me, anytime you're dealing with a person's name and nationality and heritage, it's not playful. To mock a nationality is uncalled for."

Does this guy realize he works for the Washington Redskins? The least politically correct team name this side of the movie BASEketball. For the most part I've been a Cerrato... maybe not a supporter but a defender, arguing George W. Bush: Dick Cheney:: Vincent Cerrato: Dan Snyder. But the unmitigated gall of these guys is ridiculous, and the media can't criticize them because if a news source loses access to the Redskins then it practically ceases to be a news source inside the beltway. And of course Snyder has a monopoly on sports talk radio in Washington.

The All Steroid Team

Now that Miguel Tejada and Alex Rodriguez are admitted steroid users, my all steroid team is finally complete. The pitching staff was a little harder to put together than the everyday lineup, but I'd still take this squad over any team ever assembled. Mike Cameron received some consideration in center field, but Dykstra is a superior leadoff hitter. All of these players were either named in the Mitchell Report and/or have been suspended for using performance enhancing drugs, with the exception of ARod and Bret Boone, whose career stats (and physical appearance) certainly seem to indicate something unnatural in the 2000 offseason.

1. Lenny Dykstra CF
2. Rafael Palmeiro DH
3. Alex Rodriguez 3B
4. Barry Bonds LF
5. Mark McGwire 1B
6. Sammy Sosa RF
7. Miguel Tejada SS
8. Ivan Rodriguez C
9. Bret Boone 2B

Catcher:Ivan Rodriguez
First Baseman: Mark McGwire
Second Baseman: Bret Boone
Shortstop: Miguel Tejada
Third Baseman: Alex Rodriguez
Left Fielder: Barry Bonds
Center Fielder: Lenny Dykstra
Right Fielder: Sammy Sosa
Designated Hitter: Rafael Palmeiro
Utility Infielders: Jason Giambi, Ken Caminiti, Todd Hundley
Bench Outfielders: Jose Canseco, Juan Gonzalez

Right handed pitcher: Roger Clemens
Left handed pitcher: Andy Pettitte
Right handed pitcher: Kevin Brown
Right handed pitcher: Paul Byrd
Right handed pitcher: Denny Neagle
Long reliever: Ismael Valdez
Set up man: Kent Mercker
Set up man: Jason Grimsley
Set up man: Mike Stanton
Set up man: Guillermo Mota
Closer: Eric Gagne

Dreamcatchers work. If your dream is being gay.

I watched Important Things with Demetri Martin last night and he might single handedly saving sketch comedy and the one liner. This commercial actually made me cry. I shit you not.