Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Red Sox, red tires, and a red grill

43 year old Ivonne Hernandez, who looks like Nick Nolte's soulmate in this mugshot, took the Yanks/Sawx rivalry up to a whole new level when she drove her car, adorned with a Yankees bumper sticker and serenaded with "Yankees suck," into a crowd of Red Sox fans without braking. She killed Matthew Beaudoin, 29, which freaks me out a little because he's my age.

Hernandez is being represented by public defender James Quay. She's being charged with second degree murder, aggravated drunk driving, and taking sports way too seriously. I mean, I thought I took sports seriously. I guess being sad for a few days after an overtime game seven loss pales in comparison to accelerating into a crowd of people. And the Yankees and their fans are out of control. Between this and dropping $50,000 to dig up the Ortiz jersey, maybe they need to follow a sport with less then 162 games a season.

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