Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If I make it rain, it rains Boone's Farm, not Don P

You could make the argument that Javon Walker received the richest contract ever given a wide receiver this offseason, as the Raiders gave him a more attractive package than the Patriots gave Randy Moss. You could have assumed that after teammate Darrent Williams died in Walker's arms after a drive by shooting about 18 months ago that he would avoid putting himself in that situation again. But here's Walker spraying champagne recently

despite the fact that champagne spraying directly led to the confrontation that ended in Williams' death.

Javon Walker was found robbed and unconscious with a fractured orbital bone in Las Vegas Monday morning. I imagine Al Davis will get his lawyers to try to find a way out of this contract, but I can't see that happening when essentially he was simply robbed. The Raiders could cut him, but he'd still pocket his $16 million guaranteed. I was critical of Major League Baseball running the Expos/Nationals for multiple seasons, but maybe it's time the NFL took over the Raiders, because these personnel moves have been so consistently ridiculous since they went to the Super Bowl a scant five years ago.

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