Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oakland puts the fun is dysfunctional

The Raiders are truly the laughingstock of professional sports. If there was any doubt a week ago, this latest episode removes all doubt. During Lane Kiffin's postgame press conference, Tim Kawakami referred to an incident where Al Davis's crony John Herrera reportedly distributed an ESPN article critical of Kiffin. Out of the back of the room Herrera yelled out "That's not true!" and Kiffin starts smiling ear to ear like he just cracked a case. It's only a matter of time until he drives around the parking lot dragging the team's three Super Bowl trophiesbehind his car, because he just can't get fired. After the press conference Herrera got all up in Kawakami's business accusing him of false reporting and smoking pot. Here's Kawakami's account, along with Lowell Cohn's. This could be the most unintentionally funny video since last year's Kevin Everett video.

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