Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Supposedly, Al Saunders calls the plays for the Redskins. Historically, Joe Gibbs has stayed away from the defense. Joe Gibbs' record on replay challenges and managing timeouts is atrocious. Gibbs reportedly ignored and had fired the replay official the Redskins hired during his first year back. But this latest gaffe is inexcusable. How the hell does a Hall of Fame coach not know simple NFL rules, when it seems like managing timeouts is his largest responsibility?

Many would cite the enormous distraction of Sean Taylor's passing as an excuse for Gibbs' confusion. I accept that the Redskins preparation for the game was affected, but I don't see how that forgives any bad in-game decisions. Calling timeouts on top of timeouts, challenging spots and other bad challenges, and calling the same play two or three times in a row from inside the opponents' five are the hallmarks or Gibbs second tour of duty with Washington.

It's time for Gregg Williams to steer this ship next year. Gibbs being in the dark about the Skins starting 10 on defense is a pretty good indicator that it will and should happen. Gibbs is either out of touch with the team or Williams is maneuvering to get the job. And Williams clearly earned a lot of points with the team for the move. The Redskins could compete next year with a decent draft and a change at the top. They've had to endure an unthinkable tragedy involving their best player and the hardest schedule in the NFL this year. Next year has to be better than this.

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