Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Seventeen months ago tomorrow, Bobby Petrino signed a 10 year, $25.5 million deal to stay at Louisville. The university thought they could move past Petrino's constant flirtations with other jobs, but within six months he signed a five year deal to coach Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons. Since then canine corpses were found on Vick's property, Atlanta reached on DE Jamaal Anderson (sackless on the year) 7th overall, signed Byron Leftwich two weeks into the season, and the Falcons have sputtered to a 3-10 record. So yesterday, 24 hours after dropping to 0-3 in primetime, losing by an average of 20 points, Petrino signed his third contract in 18 months, a five year deal to coach Arkansas.

Peter King had an excellent piece this week on why teams shouldn't go after high priced coaches, college or otherwise. I've always been a proponent of choosing an up and coming assistant over a Bill Cowher/Marty Schottenheimer/Bill Parcells, or Steve Spurrier/Bobby Petrino/Nick Saban. The cream of the crop this year is Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan. Their schemes are both varied and attacking, and will both jump into a job full bore, as opposed to a retired or college guy who have to be convinced to go to the pros.

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