Thursday, January 24, 2008

200 times a day, 39000 times a year

Nine government employees were fired from visiting porn sites more than 19,000 times in 2007. Three of them more than 39,000 times. While at work. Wow that's a lot. Thirty-two others hit those sites more than 2,000 times. And that's just the ones they caught. I work at a government computer and all sites that I visit with questionable content are blocked. For example, I often check out for updates on deals, discussion on movies and the writers' strike, etc. There's a portion of the site that had reviews and discussion of adult DVDs, so I could no longer check out the site last year. Within a few months, the adult content was given a new url, not containing DVDTalk, so the site was no longer blocked.

If you work 52 weeks, 40 hours a week, 39,000 hits works out to once every three minutes twelve seconds. These guys definitely don't know how to use pornography.

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