Wednesday, January 9, 2008

West Virginia is for losers

West Virginia University may be the only state school in the country that ends in University (as opposed to beginning with "The University of"). About half the population of Morgantown is 18-24, and I've heard it's a relatively wet campus. None of this gives them the right to be offended that their head coach left the Mountaineers for the Wolverines. I hate the Big Ten, but even I have to admit Michigan is a plum job.

Rich Rodriguez's mother, son, and daughter have received insults and death threats in the three weeks since he took the Michigan job, and his house has been vandalized. He turned down the Alabama job last year in the 11th hour and was a game away from playing in the National Championship Game this year, where they probably would have been at least a slight favorite over Ohio State.

People think the Notre Dame job is tough. Notre Dame goes 3-9 and Charlie Weis doesn't have to deal with death threats, except maybe from those who run the buffets he frequents. The Michigan job is tough, but Lloyd Carr lost to a D1-AA team this season and could have come back for another year if he wanted. Rich Rodriguez goes 11-2 and is hung in effigy.

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