Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Skinny Post Man and Woman of the Year

Tom Brady. Brett Favre. Tiger Woods. All received some consideration for the first annual Skinny Post Man of the Year, but one man went above and beyond in tying together sports and entertainment, bringing an unprecedented amount of unintentional comedy to sports broadcasts, paying less attention to the games he was announcing than the corpse of Harry Carey. This was never more evident than when Mike Patrick, during the biggest play of an overtime SEC thriller, uttered the immortal words "What's Britney Spears doing with her life?"

There was really only one contender for Woman of the Year. Lauren Caitlin Upton became the most famous beauty pageant contestant since Vanessa Williams since her inability to string together a coherent sentence became the second most memorable quote of 2007 ("Don't tase me bro" finished first).

Congratulations winners, you've provided countless hours of entertainment for millions of Americans, and now you can ring in 2008 with the first Skinnies.

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