Monday, January 14, 2008

The Colts clearly should play to win

Year after year it's the same story with the Colts. They jump out to 10, 11, even 13-0, sit their guys at the end of the year when they're locked into the playoffs, and then get knocked off at home. The one year they win the Super Bowl they played 16 meaningful games in the regular season and had momentum going into the playoffs. Two years ago Peyton Manning played a series in the season finale and the rusty Colts were knocked off at home by the Steelers in their opener. In week 17 this year against Tennessee, key players barely played a quarter, and the team failed to call a timeout late in the game to force the Titans to give up the ball and give the Colts a chance to win. The game reeked of collusion, but the story disappeared with the New Year. It's like no one is willing to criticize Dungy, for fear that they will be smited by the hand of God.

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