Friday, January 18, 2008

Coordinating value

I've been mulling over Jason Garrett's contract, especially when compared to Gregg Williams' contract. There's really no comparison in terms of their track record as coordinators. Both have presided over a top three unit wherever they've been, but Gregg Williams actually has a track record. In four out of his last five seasons as coordinator Williams' defense has ranked in the top nine. I included the Bills defense when he was head coach because it showed that maybe he wasn't ready to be a head coach at first, but managed to show improvement. NFL rank refers to the teams' ranking in yards allowed defensively for the Williams teams and yards gained offensively for the 2006-07 Cowboys.

NFL Rank
Williams named DC in 1999
1998 Titans 16
1999 Titans 17
2000 Titans 1

Williams named HC in 2001
2000 Bills 3
2001 Bills 21
2002 Bills 15
2003 Bills 2

Williams named DC in 2004
2003 Redskins 25
2004 Redskins 3
2005 Redskins 9
2006 Redskins 31
2007 Redskins 8

Garrett named OC in 2007
2006 Cowboys 5
2007 Cowboys 3

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