Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching you up with the coaching carousel

The coaching carousel is either slowing or spinning out of control, depending on your point of view. Jason Garrett spurned the Ravens head coaching job to remain offensive coordinator or the Cowboys, at a reported $3.5-4 million annually. By comparison, Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is the second highest paid assistant at $2.66 million. Former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan signed an extension last year for more than $1 million, probably less than $2 million. But more importantly to the Cowboys, head coach Wade Phillips' reported salary is $3 million, so his authority can't help but be undermined. Conversely, Jerry Jones authority is strengthened, and he may view that as a bonus.

When Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome returns from the East-West Shrine Game (6 PM EST Saturday 1/19 on ESPN2) Baltimore is expected to reach an agreement with Eagles defensive backs coach John Harbaugh, Jim's brother. A few hours ago, it seemed Atlanta was down to Rex Ryan from their finalists, but the Baltimore Sun is reporting he's "no longer a top candidate." The Colts will be coached by Tony Dungy or Jim Caldwell next year. After Gregg Williams' fourth (!) interview, it looks safe to say the he'll be coaching the Redskins next year. Tony Sparano, the latest hand picked Parcells disciple to get a head coaching gig (Bill Belichick and Al Groh were the first two) has no where to go but up in Miami.

The other spot in flux is Seattle. Peter King got a little excited about the possibility of Mike Holmgren opening a coffee house in Seattle, which of course would fill a gaping hole in the community (Seriously. How about opening a chicken and waffle house? They only exist in West Virginia and should be everywhere). Seahawks defensive backs coach Jim Mora looks like the smartest guy in sports right now. He was fired in Atlanta for on air musings about the University of Washington job. Since then the Falcons franchise has completely imploded, there's a distinct possibility he'll succeed Holmgren as Seahawks coach, and he even interviewed for the Redskins job yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Chicken and Waffles run Atlanta too!

Rorschach said...

Are they awesome? I've never to been to one, but I have been to a Chicken & Beer KFC in Cancun.