Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tuna Surprise

After years of laughable mismanagement, horrible trades, and wasted draft picks, Bill Parcells have taken the reins of the Dolphins. And in less than a month on the job, he has broken every rule in the book. He reportedly offered Tony Sparano the head coaching job before the playoffs started, a huge no no. Sparano may have spent the bye week lining up his staff, which probably had more to do with Dallas's one and done than any trip to Cabo San Lucas. He hired Jeff Ireland away from the Cowboys, a move Dallas could have blocked if Miami didn't give Ireland final say over the roster. But in an interview with USA Today, he indicated that Parcells has, at the very least, veto power.

It's difficult to watch Sportscenter or NFL Total Access zoom in Tom Brady's shoes or Jessica Simpson stills when there are these huge stories that affect multiple teams that go completely unnoticed by the mainstream media. It isn't as if the Cowboys and Dolphins are small market teams, and it isn't as if this story is without intrigue. Is it because Parcells still has friends at the worldwide leader? Or is the NFL putting the squeeze on media outlets? Or is it because the Dolphins new front office is no where near as good looking as Giselle and Jessica Simpson?

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