Friday, February 15, 2008

Andy The Truth Pettitte

Many media outlets were questioning Andy Pettitte's absence from the Congressional Hearings Wednesday, and I've heard different reasons he didn't attend. The most solid one is that he didn't want to incriminate his father, or discuss his problems. Apparently, the second time he used steroids in 2004, he got them from his dad and not McNamee. His dad had shoulder surgery and bought the drugs from a shady character at a gym. And Pettitte had no desire to go into his father's problems in front of a national audience.

From page 101: Mr. Farrell. There was one thing Andy omitted about his dad besides all his physical problems or -- as you can expect, these physical problems caused him to be unable, to work to support his family, really pitched him into a deep depression; and he was suicidal for a while. And that was part of the reason he turned to using HGH. So it's on both the physical, emotional, psychological level a very sensitive subject for the family.

So again Pettitte really comes out of this thing as the cleanest steroid user in the history of professional sports. The moral to this story: truth will set you free!

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