Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DeShawn Stevenson is bad at gambling

About a year ago, Gilbert Arenas bet DeShawn Stevenson $20,000 that he could make more one handed college three pointers out of 100 than Stevenson could make two handed three pointers. The video made it up on Youtube and it became somewhat of a national story. I know from experience if someone wants to make a bizarre bet like that (say, if they say they can beat you at pool with an axe handle that happens to be sitting by the pool table), you're not winning the bet. Naturally Arenas took Stevenson's money, despite making over ten times as much this season.

Stevenson's sucker bet this year involves a beard growing contest with Drew Gooden. Gooden is five inches bigger and has a history of mixing up his hair going back to Kansas, most notably with his Hare Krishna like patch from last season. It looks like Stevenson has a long way to go, because Gooden already looks like a black Santa.

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