Thursday, February 21, 2008

Will Colt Brennan go undrafted?

A year ago, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan was coming off a staggering 58 touchdown season and being touted as a possible first round pick. Since then, he led the Warriors to an undefeated regular season and a BCS bid, breaking Ty Detmer's career NCAA TD record midway through the season against last year's Cinderella BCS team Boise State. Against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl he threw three picks, was sacked eight times, and Hawaii lost 41-10. And it's been downhill since then. He had a conspicuous lack of arm strength at the Senior Bowl, where he weighed in at a slight 185 lb. And now he's reportedly "coming across like a jackass in interviews" at the combine.

When you consistently see pedigree guys like Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers slipping into the 20s, and small college guys or even BCS conference backups like Matt Cassell dominating later rounds, it's easy to envision Brennan going completely undrafted. It's far more likely than him going in the first four rounds.

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