Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who cares?

I couldn't help but get caught up in the congressional hearings yesterday. It was the sports equivalent of seeing Lindsey Lohan throwing up on herself, watching Congressmen take Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee apart. Riveting television. With the ratings for these hearings off the charts, you'd think if their was an Under Armour logo between the drug dealer and the steroid user maybe people would stop complaining about the waste of taxpayers dollars, but I digress.

But I really don't care who can prove what or whether the feds are going after Clemens for perjury, although if they don't you can't help but question the motivation for going after Bonds and not Clemens. But I do care that Clemens thinks that anyone believes that his wife is a raging steroid user, that Andy Pettite apparently contracted Alzheimer's in the offseason, and that whether or not Congresspeople believe Clemens follows completely along party lines, with Republicans siding with Clemens and Democrats siding with McNamee.

The highlights yesterday were every time testimony from a new witness was introduced, such as Petitte's wife and Clemens' nanny. Representative Burton also provided some entertainment with his grandstanding "lie after lie after lie" speech, but the fact that he kept having to stop to talk to a page took away from its impact. In the same speech he questioned "Why in the world would you work for someone who was unethical?" which drew a chuckle from me coming from a politician.

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