Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reno 411

Sometimes when I see movies that take place in high school with Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, hell, even Jessica Lange, I wish I could have gone to that fictional school instead of my ghetto alma mater. But never have I wanted so much to attend another actual high school as last night, when the news broke that Kevin Hart had made up his recruiting story. Seriously, could you imagine walking down the hall and making eye contact with this guy? The dude is 6'5" 290 lb. and must feel about three feet tall right now.

Hopefully, Reno 911 will rip this from the headlines like Law & Order does and have Dangle and the boys try to chase down Kevin Riley, the guy Hart mentioned yesterday as his recruiter and also a redshirt QB for Cal.

In an unrelated story, I am currently deciding between marriage proposals from Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, but I would consider Oprah if she would recruit me more heavily.

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