Monday, February 4, 2008

The Fluke

The Immaculate Reception. The Catch. The Drive. The Fumble. The Catch II. The Tackle. The most memorable plays of the Super Bowl era each have these iconic names, and so I have been working on a name for the amazing play where Eli Manning broke a gang tackle and threw up a prayer, underthrown into triple coverage, which David Tyree caught against his helmet. And so I give you: The Fluke.

The play could have been called dead when Manning was in the Patriots' grasp, and Eli isn't known as a scrambler, so the first part of the play was flukish. Tyree had only four receptions in the regular season, and anyone making a catch against their helmet is a rare highlight, so the second part of the play is flukish. And to paraphrase the ol' ball coach, The Fluke is short and available.

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