Monday, November 5, 2007

Anybody but Norv

How on Earth does Norv Turner keep finding work? At least we can safely assume his kids won't try to smuggle drugs up their ass, but he figures to drop to 4-5 next week after they lose to a fired up Colts team next week. With a team that went 14-2 last year. With essentially the same personnel. And new coaches. The Coach is KILLING Me! breaks down the stats of Peterson v San Diago (a whale's vagina) and it ain't pretty. Norval is now an ugly 62-86-1 as head coach. The Chargers interviewed Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, who would have been my choice, along with 49ers DC Mike Singletary, Saints DC Gary Gibbs, fired Bears DC Ron Rivera (now Chargers LB coach), and Falcons DC Mike Zimmer. Any of them (except Rivera, I guess) must be looking pretty good right now.

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