Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The NFC North... Must see TV?!?

For the last few years, the NFC North has been unwatchable. The Bears dominated a weak division with some of the NFL's worst starting quarterbacks, the Vikings had no talent at the skill positions, the Lions were the joke of the NFL, and Brett Favre was consistently among the league leaders in picks. All of a sudden, the three most exciting players in the NFL reside in the NFC North in the form of Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, and Devon Hester, and the Lions are this year's Cinderella story.

I haven't mentioned the best player in the division over the last four years - Brian Urlacher. Urlacher has been playing with an arthritic back and might never again be an elite player. I also haven't mentioned the rookie that was expected to make the biggest impact this year - Calvin Johnson. If Johnson's back injury doesn't linger he'll be another star in the NFC Norris division.

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