Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have we seen the end of parity?

Deadspin made a fantastic point when previewing Sunday's game of significance:

You have to pray that the Colts at least keep it close. If the Patriots roll in and hang a 40-20 win or some shit like that in Indy, what little suspense there is left in this NFL season is gone.

I'm expecting New England to win, something like 28-13, but if it's a double digit game in the fourth quarter then what hope do the Chargers, Steelers, Wild Card contenders, or NFC teams have? Pray that someone pulls a Kimo Von Oelhoffen and explodes Brady's knee? And for that matter, if the Patriots can bring back Asante Samuel and/or Randy Moss, to go along with the 49ers 1st round pick, what's to stop them from winning next year and making it five since 9/11? Maybe the Colts pull off the upset, maybe even in a blowout, or maybe it will be a classic game. But I can't help but worry that the NFL is even worse off than it was in the 80s and early 90s when only three teams were relevant over a 11 year span (49ers, Giants, and Redskins).

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