Monday, November 26, 2007


My sources tell me that it's pretty bleak for Sean Taylor. What I've been told is that in the second attempt to mend his femoral artery, he needed 50 units of blood when 6 or 7 are typical. Doctors don't expect him to make it through.

It's been reported that there have been multiple robberies or attempted robberies at Taylor's house, 18050 Old Cutler Road, Palmetto Bay, Florida, in the past few weeks. I'm hearing twice in the last eight days, with a knife being left on Taylor's pillow in one of those incidents. Taylor apparently was brandishing a machete when he was shot in the groin and or leg; he cannot own a firearm due to the ATV incident from a few years ago.

It's possible this was just a random act of violence, but the fact is if you asked 1000 NFL fans which Redskins player was most likely to be shot, at least 950 are going to say Sean Taylor. Somewhat ironic is the fact that the Redskins' other starting safety, LaRon Landry, was shot in the groin by a paintball gun in a training camp team activity.

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