Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Your next Heisman trophy winner is...

Vince Young. NCAA officials met with Lloyd Lake yesterday for nearly six hours. Lake alleges he gave Reggie Bush and his family $291,600 while at USC, much of which in the form of a rent free mansion where Bush's parents stayed. Bush could allege that he has no control or knowledge over what his parents do, but that doesn't fly. When he went to his parents' house for Thanksgiving and found that they lived in a mansion, maybe he thought to ask his surrogate dad if he got a new job, or whether this real estate could impact his eligibility at all. But the NCAA might not want to listen to Bush at all; Bush has steadfastly refused to give his side of the story to NCAA officials, except to accuse Lake and Michael Michaels of extortion, involving the FBI for about five minutes.

The likely outcome of this is that Reggie Bush will have to give up his Heisman trophy to Vince Young, although Bush has indicated that he wouldn't willingly give up the physical trophy. The worst case scenario is that USC will have to vacate their 1.5 National Championships won with Bush.

As for this year's Heisman, Dennis Dixon is the clear winner. Two weeks ago, after throwing five touchdowns against Florida, Andre Woodson had my vote, but Dixon's four TDs against ASU clinched it. If you take away his 1 TD, 2 interception game against Cal, Dixon has 19 TDs and 1 pick on the year. He also has a rushing TD in every game except against ASU.

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