Friday, November 2, 2007

New England/Indy is Sunday's worst game

I was looking at the lines for Sunday's games when I came to the realization that New England vs. Indianapolis had the second biggest line at +6, after San Diego/Minnesota's +8 (both games feature big home underdogs). Pats/Colts feature the game's two best quarterbacks, Bolts/Vikes feature the game's two best running backs. Which one of those games will be the most lopsided is yet to be decided, but how about some love for the best 1 o'clock slate of games in NFL history?

There are six games slated for Sunday between teams separated by three spots or less on my power rankings; four of those games have 1 o'clock kickoffs. I agonized over my picks for Broncos/Lions and Packers/Chiefs. Even the games at the bottom of the standings should come down to the fourth quarter - there's no way 49ers/Falcons won't be up for grabs with two minutes left. Bill/Bengals has a 1 point spread. All I'm saying is don't sleep on the early games Sunday.

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