Friday, November 2, 2007

My diagnosis: bad babysitting!

I understand being an NFL coach is an incredibly stressful job, but are they actually the 32 worst parents in the world? Tony Dungy's son killed himself, one of Andy Reid's kids smuggled drugs into jail, and Bill Belichick's son was busted for possession. The common denominator is that they are premier NFL coaches, you would think it would be harder for the child of an unsuccessful coach. For example, growing up in the Washington area, I can guarantee you Norv Turner's kids would have gotten abused when he was the head coach of the Redskins. Off the top of my head, besides George Allen's children, the ex-coach with the most successful children right now is Buddy Ryan, both of whose sons are on the verge on NFL head coaching jobs of their own.

But focusing on Reid, he needs to take a leave of absence or the NFL should suspend him immediately. If the sons of a prominent NFL player were in jail on guns and drugs charges, there's no way he would escape repercussions. Especially if their house was described as a "drug emporium." Even if he successfully distanced himself in the illegal activities that took place at 1915 Moonlight Road, Michael Vick would not have escaped a suspension. Goodell told him "People living in your house and people on your property is your responsibility." And the Vick comparison is in line with the distraction this is causing his players. It was also disclosed yesterday that "Garrett and Britt had used steroids as young athletes." If Wade Wilson got a five game suspension for HGH, I'd be shocked if Reid didn't at least get a nudge toward sitting out the year and getting his house in order.

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