Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Taylor clinging to life, now to Sal Paolantonio for more on the Heinz turf"

ESPN spent the ten or so hours after news broke of Sean Taylor's shooting feverishly promoting their turd of a Monday Night Football game - an unwatchable 3-0 Steelers victory. Profootballtalk notes that as much time was spent discussing the state of the Heinz Field turf as perhaps the shooting of a Pro Bowl player. Leonard Shapiro estimates that 45 seconds per half hour were devoted to Taylor on ESPNews.

It was already at the point where Pardon the Interruption was the only show I could watch on ESPN. Now that Tony Kornheiser is paid to promote the NFL and Michael Wilbon is paid to promote the NBA, PTI has lost all objectivity. All Wilbon does now is bash blogs for speculating and then speculates. Kornheiser seems intent on promoting this dirty old man image.

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