Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Worth the trip to Hyattsville

I started playing Call of Duty 4 today and it might be the best first person shooter I've played - either it or Halo 3. It won Best of E3 2007 from G4, which is a pretty big deal. How good are the graphics? Check out this video starting at the 1:15 (-4:10) mark.

People in the crowd actually gasped.

The Call of Duty franchise has consistently delivered over the years, but has been limited to World War II combat. COD4 Modern Warfare is based in the present and makes the outstanding Tom Clancy franchises, which are also set in the present, look archaic. I played some COD4 and watched some of this week's episode of The Unit at lunch, and I honestly got the storylines and setting confused. That's high praise.

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