Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Breaking news! Lohan drunk! Pope Catholic! And shit smells!

Lindsay Lohan was so close to making it two months without at drunk driving charge. Her May 26 encounter with a shrub is what brought on here memorable stay in rehab. I thought she was really committed this time, that she was leaving the booze and blow behind; that the ankle bracelet was more than a conversation starter. (I bet the conversation would go something like "Nice ankle bracelet. Wanna fuck?") But it was all a clever ruse. She's back in jail after blowing a .12 with another kind of coke chaser in her pocket. I don't know who I trust less: Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel or Pacman Jones at a strip club.

But on the bright side, a Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan reality show would break all kinds of records, or even a Switchblade Sisters remake! And as mugshots go, you have to admit she doesn't look bad.

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