Monday, July 23, 2007


In order to win a contest, I wrote a brief essay on why I believe Method Man is the greatest rapper of all time. Yes, I am a dork. Here is that essay:

Method Man is the greatest rapper of all time. No one has ever had beef with Meth; when the east coast/west coast sh*t was at it's deepest he was rapping on All Eyez in Me. His biggest beef was with Diddy, but Meth is such a badass Diddy agreed to work on Tical 0: The prequel anyway. Mary J. Blige has been relevant for over 15 years but her biggest hit was her duet with Meth, winning a Grammy and reaching #3 on the pop charts. Meth is so respected he was the only [guest] rapper to appear on Ready to Die. Meth is a showman: when he introduced Roy Jones, Jr. at Radio City Music Hall it was the coolest thing I've seen in the history of boxing. Meth can act: outside of Ice Cube he's had probably the best acting career of any rapper, appearing in stuff as diverse as How High, The Wire, (where he played Michael Vick) and Garden State.

And Meth can put it down. From funny rhymes (Boogie, represent this sh*t fully, Like I'm constantly at war with the town bully, Who want that pressure, about to get smacked silly, Like a fat b*tch in Spandex, free Willy!), quoting Balzac (Sign of the times, conspiracy to overthrow the mind, Behind every fortune there's a crime, This technique is tech-9), to the sublime (Quick on the draw with my hands on the four - nine three eleven with the rugged rhymes galore) no one can rhyme like him.

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