Friday, July 27, 2007

The funniest season preview I've ever read

Deadspin released their season preview for the Baltimore Ravens, and it was pretty damn funny. Some highlights:

Adalius [sic] Thomas bolted to New England, inching Bill Belichick nearer to his dream of a defense composed solely of linebackers...

In the end, the offense rests of the oft-injured shoulders of McNair, who is being held together of duct tape and chewing gum at this point. It is a little-known fact that the Ravens drafted Troy Smith out of Ohio State in this season's draft not as an insurance policy, but for spare parts. Billick is ready to literally replace some of McNair's ailing body parts with the 23-year-old Smith's if that's what it comes to.

So yeah, the Baltimore Ravens should be pretty good this year. Ten out of 11 starters returning on the league's top defense and an offense that rests on the health of 34-year-old quarterback with his own personal stretcher and a potent running back with whose defining moment can be seen on the from cover of the "Sports Greatest Injuries" DVD.

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