Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The over/under for wins for every team in the NFL

These are the Las Vegas over/unders for NFL team wins.
NFC East
Dallas 9 - Who knows if we'll get the early season Romo or the late season Romo, but they're taking a big step back in terms of head coach. I'll take the under.
Philadelphia 9 - If McNabb never got hurt last year they could have challenged for the Super Bowl. I like them to get more than 9.
New York Giants 8 - Brandon Jacobs could start for a lot of teams, and Tiki was a devisive figure in the locker room. I actually like them to win 9 or 10 games.
Washington 7.5 - I've heard great things about Jason Campbell this offseason, but I still see them going 7-9.

NFC North
Chicago 10 - Year after year the rest of the division gets worse with idiots calling the shots for small market teams with less margin for error. I like the Bears to win 11 or 12 games.
Green Bay 7.5 - Finished the year with some momentum, I see them winning 8 games.
Minnesota 6.5 - It's possible Travaris Jackson matures quickly and they ride a strong defense and running game to the playoffs, but unlikely. I see them going 5-11.
Detroit 6 - Wow, Vegas doesn't take Kitna seriously. I see them pushing at 6-10.

NFC South
Carolina 9 - This team is always stacked. I see them winning 10 or 11 games.
New Orleans 9 - They'll have a tough time matching last year's dream season, when they won ten games. I see them winning 8 or 9 games.
Atlanta 7.5 - No way they go .500 with the zoo they have right now. 5-11 or 6-10.
Tampa Bay 7 - They've revamped their QBs but not much else. I'll say 6-10.

NFC West
Seattle 9 - The rest of the division looks tough, 9-7 sounds about right.
San Francisco 7.5 - This is my NFC Super Bowl team, 10-6 sounds about right.
St. Louis 7.5 - Bulger is going into his contract year, but I don't see three teams going over .500 in this division.
Arizona 7 - The worst franchise in sports? Maybe. Whisenhunt should have waited for a job at a place he can win. How about 5-11?

AFC East
New England 11.5
New York Jets 8
Miami 7
Buffalo 6

AFC North
Baltimore 9
Cincinnati 9
Pittsburgh 9
Cleveland 5.5

AFC South
Indianapolis 10.5
Jacksonville 9
Tennessee 7
Houston 6.5

AFC West
San Diego 10.5
Denver 9.5
Kansas City 7.5
Oakland 5

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Pop Cultured said...

great lead...

love the colts over 10.5 and the eagles over 9...book it...