Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yankees look to play hardball softly

The Yankees recently announced they would break their policy of not negotiating extensions during the season for Alex Rodriguez, as long as ARod doesn't opt out of his contract after the season. ARod is owed $81 million over the next three seasons, over $30 million of which the Texas Rangers will pay. That is, they will if ARod doesn't opt out. So let's say the Yanks sign him for a completely insane $80 million over two years (2011 and 2012). That would double what any athlete but ARod makes on the field annually. Then the Yankees would owe about $130 million for five years - $26 million annually, not a bad value for the best infielder of his era in his prime. ARod would make $161 million over five years - $32 million annually, a figure that he'll have a tough time getting in the open market. The Rangers would get absolutely screwed in borderline collusion. But if ARod doesn't mind playing in New York, this seems like a logical scenario.

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