Monday, July 30, 2007

The Washington Post gets scooped yet again

When you think of the stereotypical greedy agent, you probably think of either Drew Rosenhaus, Scott Boras, or Jerry Maguire's Bob Sugar. All there guys take the proverbial bullets from the fans and media by getting in front of the camera or microphone for their clients. But I think of Atlanta based Joel Segal (at least while the Poston brothers have been temporarily put out of commission by Lavar-gate).

Redskins beat writer Jason La Canfora has been all over the negotiations between the team and first round pick LaRon Landry, updating progress daily in his notebook. Then why was he scooped by ESPN's Len Pasquarelli on the signing? Len broke the story this morning, and The Washington Post still hasn't reported it on their website: the lead story at this moment is that it's "seconds" away. Because Len disseminates information when instructed by Landry's (and Vick's) agent Segal, and Segal leaks signings to Pasquarelli so he can get his name on the ESPN crawl. So if you want to know why Pasquarelli was on Outside the Lines two months ago confidently declaring Vick's innocence in relation to dog fighting even as Bob Ley trotted out witness after witness, it was so this morning you can turn on Sportscenter and watch the words "Len Pasquarelli reports Redskins sign LaRon Landry to 5 year deal."


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