Monday, July 30, 2007

Ensberg justifies the means

Morgan Ensberg was designated for assignment yesterday by the Astros, essentially ending his six year tenure with the team. Some people remember Ensberg for clubbing 25 homers in only 385 at bats in 2003 or finishing 4th in MVP voting in 2005, but I always think of the bizarre Sportscenter feature where he and four other minor leaguers were allegedly robbed at gunpoint at their hotel in 2000. I say allegedly because the robbers said in the feature that the players called them to buy drugs, and things just went south. The whole story didn't pass my smell test: robbers going hotel room to hotel room, and they start at the room with five privileged athletes hanging out with a groupie, one of the guys jumped off the second floor and the other spent three years in a coma. A drug deal gone south sounds much more likely to me, but I'm not on Kissimmee, FL jury. Well, both of the robbers were sentenced to life in prison, so Ensberg could look at them and think "it could be worse."

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