Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Any dogs in the house? has shockingly not taken down an 2004 interview where Dorsey Levens revealed he's sold Michael Vick dogs: You are part-owner of a dog-training company called Premier K9. Talk about how you got started with that.

DL: "It was just a business opportunity. I had a dog that was just obnoxious. I couldn't stand the dog and my girlfriend at the time wouldn't let me get rid of it. Art Washington trained the dog to perfection in two weeks. He was simply incredible. He could do anything with dogs. I've seen him give demonstrations. We've built up a relationship over the course of a year. The opportunity came up where another kennel had closed and it was a smart business move. It was an easy investment..." Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons is another customer. Did you think of not training his dog so it would attack him?

DL: "No, no. It's all business. Mike is a big dog person. Actually, he wants to open up a kennel of his own and that is in the works."

Even more shocking is that Vick is still pictured as a satisfied customer. But maybe he's now the ultimate endorser of dog training, because however despicable the charges against Vick, according to the indictment his dogs did win way more often than they lost. For all we know he's like the Michael Jordan of dog fighting, or that girl from Dancing with the Stars who coached Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith.

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