Monday, August 6, 2007

Come back soon D Pizzle

Counting today, there are only ten episodes left of the Dan Patrick Show. Since he announced, well, that he was going to make an announcement, he's only hosted his show once, to make the announcement that August 17th would be his last show. As was speculated by Profootballtalk, he will next appear on a national syndicated radio show, much like Jim Rome. But Content Factory will also try to distribute the new "Big Show" via "television, internet, podcasts, infopods, mobil devices and beyond."

He can't come back on the air fast enough, this lack of quality sportstalk radio is killing me. Colin Cowherd, John Seibel, Steve Czaban, and Doug Gottlieb lack Patrick's sense of humor and ability to transition. Patrick recently sat down to do an interview where he revealed his final guest, "a man who I think provided the template of how to be a broadcaster in my opinion. I have great admiration for his command of the English language, other languages and his on-camera presence... Ron Burgundy."

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