Friday, August 17, 2007

Want to be the Giants backup safety? Yeah you do.

Ex-Ravens starting safety and current Giants backup safety Will Demps has done some modeling, and apparently some plowing as well. In the September Essence he says, regarding groupies:

"I've had my share of fun with these types. I've flown beautiful women with agendas to big games... I've wined and dined them at the fanciest restaurants knowing I could've shared my bed with three at a time... They hang in packs like vultures... posed with breasts spilling out of their shirts... In the end, I know these women can never fulfill a need beyond my libido."

I agree with ESPNs Bill Simmons where he says if you can pass for a professional athlete, you should go to the NBA All-Star Game/Super Bowl/whatever event and try to pass yourself off as one.

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