Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peter King with some food for thought

Peter King released his All-Time Team, All-Current Team, and All-Future Team today. Surprisingly few complaints. For the All-Time team, I'm not a fan of Otto Graham at quarterback, but King has consistently went with Graham over the years and I see where he's coming from, and his other picks are even more defensible. For the current team, I like Brady over Manning, Jamaal Brown over Ogden, Kevin Williams over Warren Sapp, Bart Scott or DeMarcus Ware over Adalius Thomas, and Chris McAlister over Antoine Winfield by a mile. Still, from my top 50 players list I agree with his more often than not for this squad.

His All-Future team has some curious members, though. Joe Thomas over Jamaal Brown is absurd; the Browns will be thrilled if Thomas ever reaches the level Brown played at last year. Marcus McNeil was a rookie Pro Bowler last year as well. Jarvis Moss over any number of young linemen is typical of the media fawning over the Broncos and Mike Shanahan. I'll try to come up with an All-Future Team in the near future.

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