Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dog chokes man? Now you've got something!

Amazing nugget uncovered by Adam Schefter yesterday regarding the fall of the House of Vick:

"If Vick is the main villain in a dogfighting case that has troubled and captivated this country, then the hero is Troy the 3-year-old Dutch Sheppard.

Troy is the certified police dog that, early on April 20, led the police to a car in the parking lot of the Royal Suite nightclub in Hampton, Va.

The car belonged to Michael Vick’s cousin Davon Boddie. The car contained three ounces of marijuana. And once Troy sniffed out the car, police launched their own drug probe five days later at Boddie’s address -- the now-infamous 1915 Moonlight Road.

While police went to the property looking for drugs, they instead found pitbulls, dogfighting equipment and dog carcasses -- all at a home in which Vick owned."

When Disney, Lifetime, ESPN, and/or HBO release their made for TV movies, what a great way to start out: K-9 unit cruising, the dog starts sniffing out the window, they find the car and look in the trunk. A classic view from the trunk tease (Billy Batts reveal in Goodfellas) as they open it, maybe when they search Vick's property they find Troy's father on his death bed, taken from a life of public service and forced into a life of dogfighting. Troy swears vengeance on Vick, gets a laser sighted sniper rifle to take him out at the draft, and his father speaks to him from beyond the grave: "Not our way, son." He closes his eyes and squeezes the trigger, killing Brady Quinn's girlfriend adding even more drama to his slide into the 20s. Now that's some damn fine television.

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