Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The greatness of Hank, the smallness of Barry

Leave it to Hank Aaron to steal the show last night. After Bonds rounded the bases, somehow manages to ignore his son who was waiting at home plate so he can perform a look at me point to the sky, (the same son that he used as a buffer while dealing with the media when his mistress became public) and made to mention nor gesture toward his teammates (slides 6 and 9), (who admittedly reacted similar to Bud Selig when he tied the record) the P.A. announcer directed the audience toward the Jumbotron for a special message from... Hank Aaron!

The crowd erupted as the Hammer basically said congratulations for breaking my record, you've hit more home runs than anyone, and that includes a lot of guys who were really good at hitting home runs. It was respectful, it didn't mention the cloud of suspicion, it wasn't meant to take the spotlight away from Barry, and when we look back on the soundbite years from now nothing will come across as ironic with the backdrop of the steroid era.

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