Friday, August 3, 2007

Over eight grand a pitch

You can't blame the Rocket for doing it for the money. The Yankees offered $28 million prorated, the Red Sox came in second with $18 million. And you can't blame the Yankees, who have bottomless resources and wretched pitching that was at it's nadir at the time. But the Clemens comeback sure looks like a train wreck now. After yesterday's shellacking Clemens' ERA stands at 4.23, Honda results for Hummer prices. And just how high are those prices? Clemens was added to the active roster June 9th, and since then the Yankees have played 49 games. (The salary didn't kick in until Clemens was added to the major league roster) During that time Clemens has earned $8,469,135.80. (49/162 * $28,000,000) That works out to $2,823,045.27 per win, $705,761.32 per start, $128,320.24 per inning, and $8,096.69 per pitch.

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