Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rough week for the Twin Cities

It was already a rough week for Minnesota sports fans. Vikings running back Chester Taylor was carted off the field Tuesday with what turned out to be a minor arm injury. Twins ace Johan Santana expressed dissatisfaction with the Twins subtracting payroll at the trade deadline, implying that he would look to sign with a big market club after his contract runs out next year. Their WNBA team, the Lynx, are coming off a 10 game losing streak. And Kevin Garnett, their most recognizable athlete, was traded for five players no one's ever heard of.

And then a bridge collapsed during rush hour.

At the moment, the Star Tribune is reporting 4 dead, 20 missing, and 6 in the hospital with life threatening injuries due to the collapse. This makes me more scared to cross bridges than 9/11 had me scared of flying/landmarks, although not as scared as the sniper made me to get gas. I like my collapsed bridges to be caused by Magneto, Akira, or possibly someone chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom Cruise, not "structural deficiency."

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