Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now go home and get your shinebox

People still talk about the time Georgia Tech clobbered Cumberland 222-0. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers losing their first 26 games before beating the nearly equally woeful Saints on the road. And every time a baseball team starts slow, we are reminded of the Orioles 0-21 start in 1988. And now, a new addition to the beat down Hall of Fame: on August 22, 2007, the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards 30-3, scoring the most runs in baseball in 110 years and the most ever in American League history. The Rangers also set the record for most runs scored in a double header. The score looked more like a football score, but it's worth mentioning the Ravens haven't allowed 30 points since November 27, 2005.

I caught the bottom of the 9th in the second game, when it was 9-7 Rangers. It honestly looked like there were less people in the stands than runs scored by the Rangers. And what I don't understand is how Texas can score 39 runs and Michael Young, their only player on my fantasy team, only drives in one. And this was hours after the team announced Dave Trembley would return next year; I wonder what his return policy is? The next time an Orioles player wonders why there are more Red Sox fans at his home games, I say a season ticket holder gets to shit in his locker. It could be like a seat upgrade for toilets. This could be a weekly promotion, call it Najeh Davenport Day.

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