Monday, September 17, 2007

Bottled Juice

Soderbergh is rumored to be going in a different direction for the next Ocean's movie. In this one, O.J. Ocean gets away with a double homicide, tries to steal some Joe Montana cleats, gets arrested and goes to jail. The sequel will be a cross between The Longest Yard and American History X, with some Oz mixed in.

Apparently the auctioneer O.J. robbed taped the break in, so hopefully that evidence will be more convincing than the DNA from the murder trial.

"Don't let nobody out of this room," Simpson says to one person in the room before turning his ire on the person he believes took his things. "Mother [expletive], you think you can steal my [expletive] and sell it?"

He asks the latter question several times on the tape before one of the men in the room says, "Mike took it."

Simpson responds, "I know [expletive] Mike took it." A few seconds later, he tells one of the men, "I always thought you were a straight shooter." The man responds, "I'm cool. I am."

But the plot has thickened: one of the accusers is asking them to drop the charges against O.J.! Honestly, if the Juice is somehow found no guilty or if the charges are dismissed, someone needs to get this guy a reality TV show immediately. I would this in any format. Like if it were a blind dating show, the pure horror of the girls as they realize they're on a date with a wife murderer. Or if O.J. was a judge of some sort Simon Cowell figure, and he ripped on a contestant, and in the green room talking to Ryan Seacrest they said "That's just his opinion, but at least he didn't stab me."

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