Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The hottest trailer since Sin City

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and The Polar Express tried to use motion capture to create CGI actors realistically, but the characters looked lifeless and unconvincing. Final Fantasy was a huge bust at the box office, but The Polar Express raked in nearly $300 million worldwide. These characters look incredibly convincing; no one can watch this trailer without at first thinking it's a live action movie. If Beowulf is a success in the box office as well as critically, more movies may end up looking like this.


exalen said...

Beowulf does look good and I can't wait for it to hit theaters. Have you heard of the new movie that James Cameron is working on? Avatar? Also a big 3-D motion capture project. I'm really hanging out for that!

Rorschach said...

It sounds great; they're developing new technology and are going for 3D photorealism. has been good with updates.