Friday, September 7, 2007

Would you rather your favorite player get a DUI or support Bush?

Seattle Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong presented the President a Seahawks jersey last week, and Seattle fans are pissed.

"How dare Hasselbeck declare Bush an honorary Seahawk," wrote one. "Who is Matt speaking for? Bush is no Seahawk. He is the worst president of my lifetime, and I'm almost 60. Shame on you, Matt."

"To learn that two of the most popular Seahawks are strong (Bush) supporters ruins the season for me and my family," wrote another...

Added Hasselbeck: "I don't understand. This is America. We're not going to agree on everything."

I can't say it better than Withleather:

Did he not get the memo? Athletes aren't allowed to have opinions on politics. He should have done something less damaging to his reputation, like cheating on his wife or getting a DUI. At least that wouldn't have ruined the season for fans.

Worth noting is that his sister-in-law is Elizabeth Hasselbeck, cohost of The View who has a tendency to mention her conservative politics on the air.

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