Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stephon Marbury's Letters to the Editor

Isiah Thomas is on trial for sexual harassment, which begs the question, is there any aspect of being employed by a team that Thomas can do well? Anyway, the atmosphere around MSG is pretty ridiculous. How about this exchange between the plaintiff, Anucha Browne-Sanders, and Thomas:

Browne Sanders said Thomas bristled at her efforts to get players to turn out for corporate events scheduled long before he took over the team in December 2003.

"Bitch, I don't give a f--k about the sponsors..." Browne Sanders testified Thomas told her. "I don't give a f--k about ticket sales."

She also said Thomas rebuffed her March 2004 request that he sign renewal-request letters sent out to past season ticket holders with a pointed shot at loyal Knick fans.

"Bitch, I don't give a f--k about these white people," Browne Sanders said Thomas told her.

She also claims "started every sentence to her with the word 'bitch.'" But this stuff was pretty tame until Stephon Marbury took the stand yesterday. Marbury had sex with a college aged intern either across the street from a strip club ("We got together right across the street") or from her dorm:

The intern said Marbury and Gonsalves [Marbury's cousin] were also at the strip club where she was celebrating her birthday and that - over the objections of her friends - she accepted a ride back to St. Johns from Gonsalves.

The intern, according to Browne Sanders, said that when she climbed out of Gonsalves' vehicle Marbury pulled up in his and said, "Are you getting in, or not?"

First Pat Riley sets the NBA back 30 years with his thuggish Knicks squads with Oakley and Starks, then the Knicks go from mediocre to awful with the transition of Scott Layden to Isiah Thomas as GM. Now, in the year and a half with Isiah as coach, they've had 90+% buyout of Larry Brown's deal, the brawl at the Garden, and now this PR nightmare? Good thing he got that extension in March. Also, the Knicks have to pay over four times as much to the luxury tax as the rest of the NBA combined!

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