Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Dr. Z the least fun human being ever?

Sometimes I don't agree Peter King, but the man visits training camp, he watches games in person, and he often writes columns that can spark a healthy debate. Dr. Z, on the other hand, gives the impression that he's an unfunny old man who watches the NFL from his couch and hates everybody. (Here's a column where he rips Warren Sapp - "I always knew Sapp was a phony..." Just about everyone else in the media loves Sapp.) In his latest Power Rankings, he says of the Steelers:

Rookie TE, 6-7 Matt Spaeth, has two TD catches in two games. Last year Steeler tight ends caught six. "He's a fantasy league all-star," says Mike Tomlin, the coach. I don't know what this means because I don't know how it works, don't want to know, never will want to know. Why'd you have to bring it up, anyway?

Does he have any desire to relate to his the huge percentage of his readers that play fantasy football? Or would he rather imply that he's above them? The guy picked the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl four straight times, including a rematch when they lost the previous Super Bowl 52-17. He's been credited for being the driving force for keeping Art Monk out of the Hall of Fame ("catching 800 8-yard hooks just doesn't do it for me"). I look forward to the time when I don't see his droll writing on the pages of SI or when he's no longer a gatekeeper to the Hall and Art Monk finally has a chance.

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