Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Griese will get the start for the Bears

Adam Schefter is reporting the Brian Griese will start at Detroit next week for the Bears. Normally positive, Steve Young was savage in his appraisal of Rex Grossman last night, saying that when he didn't give full effort to make a tackle after a turnover in the Super Bowl he had seen enough. This is in addition to Grossman admitting that he was too concerned about New Year's Eve partying to be focused for a Packers game late last year. What I'm getting at is no one should feel bad for Rex Grossman. He had his shot and didn't take it seriously.

Feel bad for the team. They've put in the effort to get points any way that they can, usually with the special teams, because they expect nothing from the offense. Feel bad for Griese, who had the bad fortune of following John Elway at Denver. He's never finished a season with a TD to Interception differential of worse than -1, and is actually (get ready to have your mind blown) 18th all time in passer rating. I'll be the first to admit that it's an overrated stat, but that's got to indicate that you have a capable backup when you're starter is turning it over twice a game.

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